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  • Black Sugar

    Black Sugar, a natural humectant that draws moisture from the air and... 

  • Yuja C

    Blemish skin care line that helps blemishes to fade in triple steps... 

  • Avocado

    Avocado, known as the "butter of the forest" deeply nourishes and moisturizes... 

  • Carrot

    Vegan certified soothing and moisturising skin care line which provides plentiful healthy... 

  • Egg White

    Egg White  An egg is a powerhouse of protein! Rich in amino... 

  • Garden Bean

    The Garden Bean Gentle Cleansing line is a vegan line that includes... 

  • Honey

    Since ancient times, honey has been considered a rare delicacy with medicinal... 

  • Lettuce & Cucumber

    Hydrating and soothing skin care line with a cooling touch of green... 

  • Peach

    Peaches are rich in vitamin A and vitamin C, which are antioxidants... 

  • Rice

    You could wash your face with a homebrew of rice water, or... 

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Treat Your Skin With Food, Skinfood

Skinfood is the first cosmetic brand which takes whole nutrition of healthy food with the philosophy that “Good food for health is also good for skin. 

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