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Gold Caviar Collagen

[NEW] Gold Caviar Collagen Plus Special Set SF74205

[NEW] Gold Caviar Collagen Plus Special Set SF74205

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Gold Caviar Collagen Plus Toner - Nourishing toner for skin elasticity and healthy glow (120ml/ 4.05)

Gold Caviar Collagen Plus Serum - A nourishing serum that quickly absorbs into the skin, providing it plum and glowing look (40ml/ 1.35)

Gold Caviar Collagen Plus Eye Cream - Eye cream with a firm texture that quickly adheres to the skin making it look firm and smooth (30g/ 1.05)

Gold Caviar Collagen Plus Mask Cream - A hydrating overnight mask cream makes your skin look well-rested, plum and healthy in the morning (50g/ 1.76)


Caviar - Caviar extract from sturgeon eggs is rich in vitamin A and essential amino acids. It is known as a rare food ingredient enjoyed only by kings and nobles. Moreover, it is extracted at low temperatures for 24 hours to minimize the destruction of active ingredients in order to have a pure caviar extract that protects the skin.

Hydrolized collagen - Low-molecular collagen helps skin elasticity and improves wrinkles.

Gold colloid - It helps to supply pores with hydration, to smooth the rough skin, and to keep the skin healthy.

Peptides - Peptides are known to have high skin affinity, which improves wrinkles, protects skin barriers, and provides skin elasticity care.


Toner - After washing your face, put an appropriate amount on your palm, spread it all over your face, and gently press it with your palm to absorb it.

Serum - After using toner, pump an appropriate amount on the palm of your hand, spread it all over your face, and gently press it with your palm to absorb it

Eye Serum - After using toner or serum, apply an appropriate amount around the wrinkled eyes and apply it as if you are massaging.

Cream - After using the serum, apply an appropriate amount at the last step of your skin care and gently spread it all over your face and absorb it.

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