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Royal Honey

SF70303 - Royal Honey 100 Hour Moisture Cream

SF70303 - Royal Honey 100 Hour Moisture Cream

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An ultra-moisturising toner made with gentle & nourishing ingredients like royal black honey extract, that is safe on sensitive skin. Free of mineral oils, silicone oils, artificial fragrances & artificial colorants.

Size: 100 ml


Royal Honey - Since ancient times, honey has been considered a rare delicacy with medicinal properties in both Eastern and Western medicine. It's a natural beauty remedy with anti-aging, moisturising and anti-septic properties.


After using toner or emulsion, take an adequate amount on palm then apply on the face and neck. Can also be used on the rest of the body for gently and soothing hydration.

Save the Date: Due to the mild ingredients, the product is good to use for up to 6 month after opening. Once the product has been opened, fill in the "Open Date" as a reminder of when it was first opened.

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