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SF70804 - Black Sugar Perfect First Serum 100% Pure Cotton Clear

SF70804 - Black Sugar Perfect First Serum 100% Pure Cotton Clear

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A pure cotton clear pad with natural softness of cotton and less irritation.

Volume: 60 sheets


Cotton - 60 sheets of cotton pads given to deliver the dewy softness of the serums to the skin.


1. After washing your face, sufficiently wet the cotton pad with the Black Sugar Perfect First Serum.

2. Using the softening side, gently pat the moistened pad on your face, moving from the inside to the outside along your skin texture.

3. Using the moisturising side, gently pat the cotton pad with the remaining serum onto your skin. Then, gently pat your skin using your palms

4. Finally, softly wipe away any remaining serum, moving from the bottom of your neck upwards and finish.

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