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SF74101 Cica Clear Spot Patch

SF74101 Cica Clear Spot Patch

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From the spot care to cover, your skin secret of Cica Clear Spot Patch.

An urgent relief on the troubled area. 0.15mm slim fit & matte-type patch for natural cover. Made of hydrocolloid to absorb pimple gunk and protect your pimples. S-M-L 3 sizes that fit the troubled spot perfectly.

Size: 100 patches 


12mm L size (20 dots);

10mm M size (48 dots);

8mm S size (32 dots)


1. Cleanse the troubled spot and make sure that the spot is dry and fresh.

2. Select a spot patch larger than the trouble area and apply.

3. The hydrocolloid sticker will turn white while absorbing pimple gunk, protecting your pimple while it's healing.

4. Peel off the patch gently when the AC calms down.

* This product is not for reuse

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